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Poindexter made a very striking picture as he walked the streets of Columbus. He wore the long minister's coat and a high beaver hat. Most arresting was his white, silk-like hair, which he wore almost to his shoulders. As he walked the streets he was greeted on all sides by friends and well-wishers. For a span of nearly seven decades he touched intimately the lives of the people. Always it was to do good as he saw it. The following editorial of a local paper said at his death:

The death of Rev. James Poindexter removes from Columbus one of its ancient landmarks. He was one of its best known citizens and his fame extended throughout the state. There were few men who have met with more kindly salutations than he. It was because he was respected. He made friends by his intelligent genial manner. He was a man of principle, and that principle seemed to be the outgrowth of his Christian faith, which shone wherever he went. We feel like offering this tribute to the memory of this gentle old man not only because he was a noble example to his own people but because in keeping on the better and truer side of life he taught a lesson to us all.36

The Council of the City of Columbus added its testimony in the following resolutions of
February 25, 1907:

That this is an occasion when eloquent words and finely drawn phrases cannot express the depth and extent of the grief and sorrow which overcomes this community in its loss to the public service of one whose earnestness and untiring devotion to duty made him a power for good, and that loss almost irreparable.

Of this one whose death ee all mourn, it can truthfully be said that his influence was great in the religious and moral uplift of this city. He was obliging and courteous at all times, he rose above personal, partisan and political friendship, and expounded the law of righteousness as he knew it and as he understood it, in his profession and in his transaction of public affairs.

36 Ohio State Journal, February 10, 1907.

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