My Lineage From The Twelve Century

Dedicated Poingdestre researchers are only confident about the line back as far as generation 7 and earlier links must be seen as speculative.

1. Burnulf Poingdestre (1140- )
2. Richard Poingdestre (1170- )
3. Geoffroy Poingdestre (1200- )
4. Raoul Poingdestre (1220- )
5. Pierre Poingdestre (1245-1309)
6. Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1270- )

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1305-1389)
He married Johanna des Augres (1310- ).
My 17th Great Grandfather

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1340-1375)
He married Johanna. (1344- ).
My 16th Great Grandfather

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1375-1453)
He married Jeanette Le Lorreur (1380-1440).
My 15th Great Grandfather

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre (1411-1477)
He married Helene Morin (1425-1476).
My 14th Great Grandfather

Johan (Jean) Poingdestre
He married Alinor (1436).
My 13th Great Grandfather

Jean Poingdestre
More Information to Follow
My 12th Great Grandfather-?

George Poingdestre
Died November 11, 1544
He married Girette Ahier, daughter of Louis Ahier.
My 11th Great Grandfather

Jean Poingdestre
1505 - 1583
He married Marie Hamptonne.
My 10th Great Grandfather

Edouard Poingdestre
Born 1538 - Died August 1622
He married Marguerite Messervy, daughter of
Clement Messervy and Catherine Lempri'ere.
My 9th Great Grandfather

Thomas Poingdestre
Born December 20, 1669
He married Elizabeth Effard on December 14, 1614.
My 8th Great Grandfather

George Poingdestre
1627 - 1691/2
My 7th Great Grandfather

Front View-Criss Cross  
Side View-Criss Cross
Information on George can be found here.

Thomas Poindexter
1675/77 - Before 1707
My 6th Great Grandfather
Information on Thomas can be found here.

John Poindexter
1703 - 1753
My 5th Great Grandfather
Information on John can be found here.

Captain Joseph Poindexter
1736 - 1826
My 4th Great Grandfather
Locust Grove
Locust Grove
Information on Captain Joe can be found here.

Samuel Jacob Poindexter
1767 - 1841
My 3rd Great Grandfather

The Cedars
The Cedars
Information on Samuel can be found here.

Willis Garth Poindexter
1804 - 1869
My Great Great Grandfather
Willis's Gravesite
Information on Willis can be found here.

Edward Carter Poindexter
1851 - 1914
My Great Grandfather

Edward Carter
Information on Edward
can be found here.
The Loom
The Story of
'The Loom'

Eskar Otmer Poindexter
1894 - 1976
My Grandfather

My Grandfather
Information on Eskar can be found here.

John Howard Poindexter
1919 - 1981
My Father

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